Good news for the future of RIPPER STREET… Maybe?

Although its early days, it looks as though Ripper Street could return for a third series after all! Less than a week ago, and much to the anger and frustration of thousands of fans across the world, the BBC announced that it would not be commissioning further episodes.

However, earlier today, many websites were posting rumours that the BBC were in talks with potential backers including the video-on-demand company, Lovefilm, to invest in the shows future. Additionally, a spokesperson has apparently said that they are “looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return but at better value to licence fee payers”.

So, let’s wait for more official and confirmed statements before getting too excited but it at least seems as though talks are happening.

In the meantime, you can send a message to the BBC and potential investors and show your support for the show by signing any or all of the petitions listed below which have a slightly different focus but share two common factors: they all want to see Ripper Street back on our screens and they were created by passionate fans just like you!

Commission Ripper Street for a third series or one-off specials
(Petition by me, Damian Michael Barcroft)
In addition to the sudden and depressing realisation that we will never get to fully explore the lives of our favourite Whitechapel residents and learn of their collective future and fate, the news that the BBC has axed Ripper Street paints an altogether more unsettling portrait of the television industry and indeed the cultural appetite of its audience as a whole…

Reverse the BBC’s decision to cancel Ripper Street
(Petition by David Saunderson)
As TV licence holders, taxpayers and Ripper Street fans, we object to the BBC’s rash programming decision to cancel quality drama Ripper Street because it was not “successful” in the ratings against mindless reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here…

BBC America: Put Ripper Street back on the air now, not Feb 2014. Also reverse Ripper Street cancellation
(Petition by Lynn Miesch)
Ripper Street fans in the US are requesting the following from BBC America:
1. Reverse the cancellation of Ripper Street.
2. Begin airing Ripper Street Season 2 immediately
3. Give Ripper Street back the original time slot of 9pm Saturday

(Petition by Tamlin McPherson)
It has been a long time since the BBC produced good quality, well written drama with exellent production values and a spectacular cast. This series as being cancelled because it was placed head to head with a reality tv show, this wouldn’t be happening had it’s time slot not been changed, we urge Mr Cohen and the BBC to re-think the decision to cancel this excellent television drama…

To the BBC: Please re-think your decision to cancel Ripper Street
(Petition by Steffon Worthington)
We believe the decision to cancel this excellent crime drama is short sighted, especially as it’s ratings had been compared to ‘I’m a Celebrity..’ on another channel. A transient tv show is no equal in terms of programming quality. Ratings, of which Ripper Street has a good number anyway, should not be the only criterion on which to continue a programme…


Damian Michael Barcroft

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